Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar


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Everyone knows the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. It is great for heart health, reduces inflammation, loaded with cancer fighting antioxidants and even reduces the risk of strokes. It’s one of the oldest home remedies out there. To read all of the health benefits, check out our previous blog; here. The gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology used it for medicinal purposes and a cure all.  

While that’s great news for the olive, what about the grape? Does balsamic vinegar have any health benefits too or do we only love it for its tart yet sweet taste and because it’s an excellent companion to olive oil?  Well, vinegar lovers, as luck would have it, vinegar is just as beneficial as olive oil. Better yet, it’s healthy for completely different reasons! We’re listing the benefits below:


  1. Balsamic vinegar contains antimicrobial compounds, acetic acid, and antioxidants. These components may help improve a person’s complexion over time.


  1. The acetic acid contained in balsamic vinegar helps lower bad cholesterol levels. Which is great considering olive oils also lowers cholesterol. Unlike oil, vinegar is not high in calories so you can be a little more liberal with its use.


  1. There’s a scientific study out there proving that balsamic vinegar, despite being made up of carbohydrates, actually lowers blood sugar. That’s great news for those with a family history of Type II Diabetes.


  1. Like yogurt, vinegar is full of probiotics. It also contains pepsin. These not only aide in digestion but also helps an individual feel fuller, longer. Thus being a great condiment for those looking to lose weight by eating less.


  1. To go along with lowering cholesterol, balsamic vinegar regulates blood pressure. It reduces hardening of the arteries to keep that blood pumping freely and efficiently.


  1. Here’s a good one for those good old fashioned home remedies. Back in the time of Sung Tse, the creator of forensic science and medicine taught everyone in the lab to wash their hands with sulfur and vinegar to avoid infection during autopsies. Though not recommended today because we have prescription antibiotics, a long long time ago, vinegar of any sort (white, apple cider, balsamic) was poured into wounds to kill bacteria.

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Today, we prefer to keep the balsamic in the kitchen, where it truly belongs, right alongside our extra virgin olive oil. Use it on your salad. Caprese wouldn’t be the same without a hardy drizzle of dark balsamic vinegar. Dip a spoonful of one of our white balsamic vinegars in your club soda to make it extra. Simmer our darks on the stove as a perfect reduction for meats, vegetables and stewed fruits. Take your favorite berry infused dark balsamic vinegar and pour it over waffles, pancakes, brownies and ice cream for a delectable sweet treat. Our white vinegars go great in soup and over buttered pastas.

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